Darlene had a successful professional career in K-12 and higher education. She has served as a university administrator and teacher, community college speech communication teacher, public school administrator, and high school speech, debate, drama, and English teacher. Darlene was one of the founders of the Alternative Teacher Certification Program in El Paso, TX. Her educational preparation and professional experiences in these roles have given her unparalleled insight into what makes a person stand out and be successful. Darlene is ideally suited to help you shape Your Winning Image.


Dennis had a successful career working as an administrator and teacher in community colleges. He served as the President of a community college, had several other administrative roles in community colleges, and taught speech communication and student success courses at the community college and university level. Dennis was involved in the creation of Early College High Schools in El Paso, TX. Working in higher education throughout his career has afforded him valuable insight into the characteristics of successful people. His educational preparation and professional experiences have given him the tools to help you shape Your Winning Image.

Challenge Your Sphere of Influence is a minority women owned business and a veteran owned business.


Our company logo, the person in the maze, was selected as a way of describing that throughout our life we encounter many pathways, some leading to a dead end, while others take us to new heights. Within this Sphere (maze) there are many directions to take and choices to be made. You are influenced in good ways and in bad. With the goal of helping you create Your Winning Image, and achieve many successes throughout your lifetime, we will guide you through the maze so that the paths you choose lead to positive outcomes. Your decision-making within the Sphere will be crucial to where you ultimately exit the maze. We will also make sure that within your Sphere, that is, everything that makes you who you are, the influences on you are directed toward a successful future. The goal is for you to influence your own destiny, and not to let others influence who you will be and what you will achieve. We look forward to working with you on this exciting life journey. We are glad to be a part of the team that will help you create Your Winning Image!