It is Time to Change Your Life’s Trajectory. Let’s Get Started!

If only the wisdom that comes with age was available to us earlier in our life. That wisdom would help us chart our life’s preferred course. Unfortunately, all too often, decisions we make and actions we take are based on less-than-optimal knowledge. Consequently, we do not always achieve the best possible outcome for our life. Frequently, who we are, what we do, where we go, and how we get there are based on luck, coincidence, and the environment around us. Challenge Your Sphere of Influence is all about changing our life’s trajectory from happenstance to creating the person we really want to be. This is accomplished through deliberative processes that step by step build our image. Challenge Your Sphere of Influence helps shape ‘the you you want to be.’ Here is what you can expect: you will be competitive, stand out and excel. In short, you will be noticed, and good results will come from that in your personal, social, and professional lives. Challenge Your Sphere of Influence helps you create who you want to be within yourself, with others, and on the job. You can set yourself apart and achieve maximum success throughout your life journey. When wisdom finally does come to you, a look in the rear-view mirror will show no regrets.

At birth we inherently possess some basic qualities that begin the evolution of who we are. As we grow, influencers all around us knowingly, and sometimes unwittingly, begin to shape, mold, and create who they see us to be. Many times, this “image” is a good one. Sometimes the image includes characteristics that are not so pleasant. Regardless, these influencers play a significant role in who we are…our image. Though, we must go beyond those around us to shape who we want to be.

Most of us neglect one of the most important jobs we have as a human being. That job is to, in a calculated way, create and shape who we really want to be and who we want others to see us as. Our failure to pay attention to this most Important detail in our life, which lasts throughout our lifetime, often relegates us to the less-than-ideal person we want to be. You can enhance your image!

Each of us has four key images: Self-Image, Personal Image, Social Image, and Professional Image. How well we develop and present each of these images determines to a large extent how we feel about ourselves, how well we project who we are, how people see us, how effectively we engage in and maintain relationships with others, and how successful we are in our chosen profession. Powerfully managing our image, and using guided intent in displaying that image, will lead to a well-balanced and successful personal and professional life. To some extent our educational pathway from kindergarten to college helps shape our images, as do our life experiences. However, to be truly successful and operate at the top of our game, we must deliberately plan for and optimally create each of these four Images. This is where Challenge Your Sphere of Influence comes in.

It is never too late to improve who you are. Clearly, the earlier the better. One thing is obvious-images cannot be bought. Wealth and status in no way ensure high-performing images. It would be nice if our birth came with an instruction manual for developing our images. Since it does not, it is incumbent on us to make a strategic decision to master our image development. Images can, however, be acquired through learning and practice. Be sure that your images are working for you and not against you.

Though there are no guarantees, maximizing your image can help you in how you feel about yourself, how well you develop and sustain family relationships, friendships, nurture love, and how you get ahead in your chosen career. The tools you will acquire for your Image Building Toolbox are not magic. They are common sense strategies that have been around a long time. Unfortunately, for most people, knowing how important these images are, and how to ensure that your images are working for you, is not well understood, or appreciated. Some of the techniques are simple to acquire, while others are more complex, and require time and attention to ensure mastery.

Mastering of your image is what sets winners apart from those who aspire to achieve, but do not reach their full potential. After all, who does not want to be ‘The You You Want to Be.’ Believe in yourself! It is time for you to Create Your Image Pyramid, and establish the Self, Personal, Social and Professional Images that will launch your future success.