Creating your Image Pyramid is like laying building blocks one on top of another until you reach your ultimate goal-Your Winning Image. We begin at the foundation of the pyramid and work our way up, step by step. At each level you will add new tools to your Image Building Toolbox. At the conclusion, your toolbox will be full of knowledge, skills and abilities that will help you transcend from who you were to your new Self, Personal, Social and Professional Images. Hang on, tighten your seat belt, and let’s launch yourself into the New You! Below is a brief explanation of what happens at each level of the pyramid.

Begin clicking at the base of the Pyramid and work your way up to the peak.


Join us on this exciting journey. Nothing that is worth something is easy. However, by following the steps of the Image Building Pyramid, you can realize your personal and professional dreams. We are on your team and will do all that we can to prepare you for the future. It is time to change the direction of your life. Let us help you make it happen!


Join us on this exciting journey. Nothing that is worth something is easy. However, by following the steps of the Image Building Pyramid, you can realize your personal and professional dreams. We are on your team and will do all that we can to prepare you for the future. It is time to change the direction of your life. Let us help you make it happen!


Well, Your Winning Image is finally in sight. You have reached the peak of the pyramid. To be honest, you are now at a crossroads in your personal and professional lives. You must decide if the hard work and time commitment required to achieve and maintain Your Winning Image is something you can do. You cannot just learn what tools you need to be successful; you must consistently use and sharpen them as you progress through life. Changing the direction of your life is challenging, but also very rewarding. If it was easy, everybody would be doing it. However, though not easy, it is attainable. Once you have arrived, you must regularly step back and assess where you are and what needs to be worked on. It is a lifelong endeavor but will pay many dividends in your personal and professional lives.


How you dress has a direct impact on how you are viewed in both personal and professional settings. Choosing the right clothing can have a significant impact on the outcome. You do not need to spend large sums of money to have your dress communicate a positive image. However, knowing what to wear for what occasion, can influence the outcome. Impressing someone in a personal setting, dressing for an interview, or seeking to advance in your profession all can be impacted by how you dress. You must understand what the occasion is and how to assess the most appropriate dress for that occasion. Yes, your dress is a part of your image. You must know what image you are wanting to project, and then choose your attire accordingly. Whether it is formal business, business casual, social or leisure, know before you go. We will help you design a plan for choosing your clothing to project a winning image.


Long before you get to the interview, you must present yourself in such a way that you stand out among the competition. If your Resume does not sell you, you will never reach the interview stage. Your Resume, whether submitted directly to the company or uploaded to a job search website, must draw attention to you. Otherwise, you are just another applicant. The look of the Resume is important. The order of information contained in the Resume is crucial. Avoid a gaudy Resume. Use proven techniques to enhance its look. How you word your Resume can make or break your chances of being recognized. We will help you design a Resume that will draw the attention of hiring personnel. Keep in mind that one Resume does not fit all jobs. Learn how to customize your Resume to match the requirements of the job you are applying for.


Other than speaking in public, one of the scariest things that we do during our professional career is interview for a job. To be successful at interviewing, one cannot just view it as a necessary evil that is required to get the job. Such a view will be easily read by the interviewer and seen as a negative for you. Just winging it during the interview will invariably result in rejection. However, planning for the interview, knowing the company and the job, can put you a leg up on the competition. Of course, that is just the first step. You must sell yourself during the interview. Convince the interviewer that you are the best choice. You can accomplish this through effective communication (use of eye contact to draw the interviewer(s) in), the right voice to signal fluency, an abundance of confidence is good but do not overwhelm your potential boss or co-worker, effective listening, and carefully thinking through your responses to the questions asked. The old saying “practice makes perfect” with interviewing can be a game changer for you. If possible, visit the work site in advance of the scheduled interview to observe employees’ dress. Additionally, look at their website and learn what you can that will be helpful during the interview.


It is not unusual for us to dream of reaching the highest levels of our profession. Whether you are self-employed, work for someone else, employed in a small, medium, or large company, you can “climb the ladder” if you have the right tools. Turn your aspirations into action and make your dreams come true. Mastering the elements of the Image Pyramid will go a long way to rising above others in your profession and company to reach the top levels. Of course, you must also possess the requisite education and experience. With these requisites in hand, your new Image will help you stand out above others competing for the same position. You must be able and willing to help others achieve workplace goals. This will set you up as a go to person for the company. We are here to help you progress, including but not limited to, sharpening your communication skills, interviewing skills, creating a winning Resume, and mapping out the course you will follow to achieve your professional goals. Just wishing for something is not enough. You must create the plan and execute it if you are to reach your potential.


How many times have you thought to yourself if only I had used the right words, had the right evidence, made the right case, the outcome could have been different? Well, every day, in our personal and professional lives, we are confronted with situations that require us to make an argument and find a way to come out on the winning side. `Whether it be with your spouse/significant other, your child, a family member, your boss, a co-worker, a neighbor, a friend, or someone else, you must have the ability to carry the day. You cannot reach the peak of the pyramid, Your Winning Image, without the capacity to grow. We will help you add to your Image Building Toolbox strategies and actions that will ensure that you make and sustain the best argument regardless of the topic at issue or the environment you find yourself in.


If you think about it, the decisions you have made throughout your life either elevated you to the next level, or they relegated you to a non-productive state. Good decision making is an art. You cannot achieve success simply through brute force. Understanding the rules to follow in making good decisions is critical to where your future leads you. We will teach you how to analyze a situation, weigh the pros and cons of taking different actions, assessing the results of alternative decisions, and then, once the decision is made and acted on, evaluating the outcome, good or bad.


Establishing and maintaining strong personal relationships is the key to your success. Whether the relationship is with your partner/significant other, social settings, your boss, a co-worker, or your family members, how you present yourself to them, that is, your image, will make or break that relationship. We are not pre-ordained to have specific or successful relationships. We must use the elements within the pyramid to build a strong base from which healthy and lasting relationships survive. Relying on your charm and or wit will only get you so far. The road to successful personal relationships is paved with the tools that we will help you acquire.


Among the barriers that prevent us from achieving the level of success that we most desire is our inability to achieve the high degree of confidence necessary to reach our ultimate potential. How we see ourselves, our self-image, can often have a deterring influence on our ability to build our confidence. We will teach you techniques to gaining the confidence that is seen in the most successful people. You are not born with confidence. Your level of confidence (low or high) is acquired over the years from a variety of sources, some good and some not so good. You cannot reach your Winning Image without a high level of confidence. Confidence breeds success, and success builds confidence.


Considering the many tools that you will be acquiring on your journey to creating your winning image, among the most basic and consequential to achieving your personal and professional goals, are effective communication skills. Good communication requires not only speaking, but also utilizing your listening skills to lead you to personal and professional success. Among the communication skills that you will acquire include effectively communicating with others (interpersonal), improving your listening capabilities, fine tuning your speaking skills, to include control of your voice (tone, inflection, variability, volume), effective use of nonverbal communication (facial expressions, gesturing, body movement), learning how to adapt your speech to real time feedback from others, organizing your thoughts so when you speak you successfully deliver your intended message, and becoming an effective public speaker (yes, You can).


At this most basic level, we work with you to assess where you currently are in your personal and professional lives. With that knowledge, you will draw a blueprint of where you want to go and how you are going to get there. With this plan in hand, you will not only know what you need to do, but also the timetable you want to set to get there. Periodically you will review this roadmap to ensure that it remains relevant to your life goals. Without a life map, you have no direction. With the life map, when and how you arrive at your destination, Your Winning Image, is clearly laid out for you.